studies confirm that institutionalized children are susceptible

The Problem

The Problem

No one knows how many orphaned children are in the world or the circumstances of their care.  In 2005, UNICEF estimated that there were 13 million children who had lost both parents in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.  Due to the AIDS pandemic and other factors, that number has surely grown.

Children living outside of family care are far less likely to have access to adequate shelter, nutrition, healthcare and education.  They are far more likely to be subjected to disease, child trafficking, hazardous labor, physical abuse and sexual exploitation. 

Recent medical research and cross-cultural studies confirm that institutionalized children are susceptible to a wide array of psychological and developmental challenges. Early childhood development is the foundation for every child’s future, social behavior and ability to learn. 

Survivors often face bleak futures when they age out of institutions.  Many end up involved in crime, prostitution or become victims of human trafficking.  While hard data is lacking, the chances for these adolescents and young adults are often dismal.

Our Beliefs

Both Ends Believing believes no child should grow up without the protection and the care that a permanent loving family provides. We do not understand how humanity has failed to make the care of these children one of our highest priorities. 

Every child’s most basic human right is the right to be raised as part of a family and every child’s development depends upon growing up in a healthy, stimulating and loving environment.

We believe relegating innocent children to languish in institutions is a direct violation of human rights and a great social injustice.  It is literally a form of child abuse.  Without the self-esteem, guidance and protection that a family can provide, what chance do these children have in life?


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