The Vision 2040

We envision a world in which every child grows up in a loving family.


Transforming Global Child Welfare through Technology and Collaboration

We believe our technology initiative will drive and influence a global collaborative effort forming the energy and experience to make our vision a reality. Our guiding principles focus on a pragmatic country-by-country approach, which serves as the roadmap for fundamentally transforming millions of children’s lives. Our solution is scalable, replicable and can be customized to meet each country’s specific cultural and procedural needs. 

The detrimental impact of institutional care has been validated by scholars showing that children growing up in institutions trail in mental and physical development. Having been denied the love of a family that is required to develop, these children age out of the system usually unequipped for the world they emerge into. They end up forever on the fringes of their society. 

The scope of this problem remains difficult to measure. Estimates on the number of children being raised in institutions, but we believe the current population to be greater than 20 million children globally. 

Children First Software provides partner countries using it control over the care, placement and ongoing monitoring of children placed within families, both foreign and domestic. 

We are embarking on a 25-year journey (from 2015) to eliminate the placement of children in institutions and reduce the orphan population to zero. By 2040, our vision is to implement CFS in 105 prospective countries, successfully facilitating the movement of millions of children from institutions into families. 

While our work may never be complete, we will know we have played a significant role in transforming the lives of millions of children and their families, a transformation that will impact their countries and extend to future generations. 


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