A Story Of Support

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Years ago my husband, Eric, and I felt a strong calling to open our home to a child through intercountry adoption. Our emotional journey was complicated by the lack of organization in the adoption process, presenting a series of roadblocks.  This is when we recognized the challenges involved with the intercountry adoption process and learned that our experience was not uncommon. During that time we were unexpectedly blessed with our third biological child, pointing us on a different plan for how we could help shape these children's lives. Eric's career in the tech industry ironically gave us the opportunity to help change the process for all children around the world without a home.

The leaders of Both Ends Believing (BEB) consulted with child welfare government officials from across the world, and they found that one of the biggest challenges was the lack of complete information about their institutionalized children. It was often impossible to determine whether these children could be placed with a family without knowing their complete history and family situation. That is when Tyler Technologies (Eric's employer) saw the urgent need, and they developed at no cost a software management system called Children First Software for BEB. Without a systemic change in the way critical information (i.e. birth place, medical, family affiliation, etc.) is accurately stored for each child, the process of placing these children safely with a forever family is not possible. 

We feel strongly that supporting Both Ends Believing can help children across the world find a home.

Will you join us to make this possible and support BEB? Susie Cullison

Susie, we can not thank you enough for your kind words and faith in what we do. It is generous supporters like your family who encourage our team to work relentlessly to fix the child welfare system once and for all, and who ultimately fuel the mission of Both Ends Believing: bringing children in need out of institutions and into the loving homes of families.

Tomorrow is North Texas Giving Day, an opportunity to show your generous spirit while in these unprecedented times. This day is essential every year for BEB in expanding Children First Software, the only software of it's kind, that is solving the problem of long term institutionalization for vulnerable children.

Get up and give like The Cullison Family today. You can equip a social worker in our developing production countries to register a child in CFS. Ultimately, your gift will help to register the 40,000 Ugandan children living in institutions and help Both Ends Believing to spread awareness of the child welfare crisis. Your gift will power Both Ends Believing to bring systemic change for vulnerable children around the world — giving them the opportunity to thrive in a loving family and halting the damaging effects of institutionalization. Give now at:


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