Our plans

focusing on several fronts in our efforts to bring orphaned, abandoned and relinquished children into permanent loving families

Political Change

Both Ends Believing is focusing on several fronts in our efforts to bring orphaned, abandoned and relinquished children into permanent loving families.

First, in order to cause political change, we need to build public support for our cause.  Our political clout is directly related to the number of supporters we can muster to our cause.  We are focusing on building our subscribers by focusing our outreach efforts to those:

  • Who have had personal involvement (and their family, friends and supporters) in bringing, or trying to bring, children into permanent loving families.  This includes adoptees, adoptive parents, friends and relatives, social workers, and those with experience in aid work.

  • That believe as a matter of faith or conscience that we are obligated to care for the orphans of the world.  This includes members of religious groups and human rights advocates who share our cause.

  • Committed to improving the world for future generations, and who possess the energy, enthusiasm and conviction to correct this injustice to children.  This includes youth organizations, and students and faculty from high schools, colleges, universities and graduate schools.

Second, we need to bring pressure on the US government to cause needed changes in US Foreign policy with regard to these children.

Our current initiative is active support for Children In Families First, legislation that would end US indifference and establish our government as the world leader in bringing children into permanent loving families.  Through programs like PEPFAR (the President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief) initiated by President George W. Bush and now championed by President Barack Obama, the United States has established itself as the true champion in the fight against AIDS.  Why can’t we do the same for children through CHIFF?

We do not believe that the United States needs to allocate additional funds to accomplish our objectives. By placing more children in the protection of responsible loving permanent families, the cost of the supports providing to children living outside of parental care will be reduced.  Is it not common sense that children in families will require less support and grow to become productive members of their societies?


Third, we are exploring alternatives for working with countries around the globe to make permanency for children a universal goal.

We intend to host a Summit of Nations to focus on creating the energy and enthusiasm to make permanency for children a global cause.  We would like to communicate the results of medical research on the adverse effects of institutionalization upon children and educate participants on best practices in child welfare.

We also intend to demonstrate best practices in child welfare by helping to facilitate pilot programs in countries that lack functioning child welfare systems, primarily in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

We intend that these operations will be transparent, devoted to the highest ethics, and result in a Hague-compliant system for any international adoptions that may result.  We fully intend that these in-country operations will form the basis of the host country’s permanent child welfare infrastructure, and plan to transition them as quickly as the host governments are ready to assume them.

And finally, we will expand the Both Ends Believing movement to build an international community of supporters and child welfare experts to spread our message around the world and to challenge governments to enact the reforms needed to ensure that every child is cherished as part of a permanent loving family.


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