the gift of family:

a BEB virtual give-back Festival

end pain and loneliness for children

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We believe every child deserves to experience love, safety, security, and reach their full potential in life from family-based care. The gift of family, whether through reunification or adoption, is the best gift we can give to institutionalized children. There are millions of institutionalized children in the world without that gift. 

Join the movement to end pain and loneliness for institutionalized children in Guatemala and the other 

countries Both Ends Believing is expanding the use of Children First Software.


Connect with us this week; log on to BEB's social media to learn more about our mission to transform global child welfare and how YOU can help directly!

If you believe, like us, that children living in institutions and orphanages should have the opportunity to grow and flourish in a loving family, please support Both Ends Believing during this give-back festival. Be a part of driving permanent change to the child welfare system and for vulnerable children across the globe. Help thousands of children have the chance to exit institutions into the arms of a family. 

Specifically in our newest partner country, Guatemala, there are thousands of children who do not yet have the chance at their brightest future and a healthy life full of love. By donating just $35, you can give a child a digital identity and place them on a path to a family. For $350, 10 children will be entered into CFS and soon know the gift of family. Every amount given matters and will make a difference.

BEB’s work is only made possible through generous contributions from those who believe in our work and for a better future of child welfare. Join us this holiday season, give these children the gift of a family today.  


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