Every Child Deserves a Family.

Our Mission

The organization was founded with one goal in mind: advocating that children grow up in families. 

The Problem

Millions of children around the world are trapped in circumstances that have separated them from their families through conflict, poverty, migration, disease or other circumstances beyond their control.

Families are the answer

Whether returning to live with their own parents, extended family members, or finding  adoptive parents in their own communities or elsewhere, research has shown us that living in a family – not an orphanage, refugee camp, or on the streets – gives children the best chance for success in life.

Children first software

Children First, an innovative new software tool, has been developed by Tyler Technologies for Both Ends Believing so that we may better serve our mission of aiding vulnerable children around the world.

Global Working Group

Both Ends Believing has convened a group of world-class experts to collaborate and innovate, sharing their experiences and expertise – all with the common goal of improving the lives of children and strengthening families.


Convening experts and stakeholders from around the world to encourage a dialogue, change culture, build systems and develop infrastructure that supports family-based care as a first choice for child welfare globally.


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