Mark Schwartz President

Prior to joining Both Ends Believing in June 2016, Mark was a principal and founder for Wiznet Inc., a key provider for web enabled content with a primary focus on government engagements from January 2003 through December 2010.  Wiznet was then acquired by Tyler Technologies (TYL:NYSE) in January of 2010 where Mark served as the Vice-President of E-Solutions and then worked as the Director of Consulting for E-Solutions. Before his role at Wiznet, Mark held various positions in the document conversion and storage business.  With over 15 years experience in e-commerce, Mark has been responsible for numerous development initiatives in addition to the implementation and training efforts for court related electronic projects across the United States. Mark received his BA in Political Science from California State University, Chico and is married with two daughters that both work in the legal field as attorneys.

After six years as a board member of Both Ends Burning, Frank Garrott stepped off the Board to serve the successor organization, Both Ends Believing, full time on the Leadership Team. Prior to joining Both Ends Believing, Garrott was the ninth President and Chief Executive Officer of the 133-year old Gladney Center for Adoption. Before he assumed this position in 2007, Garrott enjoyed a 29-year career in the financial services field in New York and Dallas. Besides his membership on the boards of Both Ends Burning, the Gladney Center and the Gladney Fund, Garrott also served on the boards of five other non-profits, one centered on work at the United Nations and the others focused on child welfare.  

Garrott and his wife Lynne live in Fort Worth, Texas. They have five children and one grandchild. Garrott received his B.A. from Duke University and his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. 

Frank Garrott Vice President, Strategic Partners

Margaret Elizabeth McKissack Vice President, External Affairs

Margaret Elizabeth McKissack joined Both Ends Believing as Vice President of External Affairs in February 2020. She drives BEB’s communications and fundraising strategies to raise support for its mission to ensure that all children grow up in a safe and loving family. Prior to joining BEB, Margaret Elizabeth served Buckner International, a global non-profit serving children and families, for over ten years. 

During her time at Buckner, Margaret Elizabeth served in many roles and most recently as the Senior Director of Development, leading a $14 million capital campaign for program expansion. She also worked as Senior Advisor for Strategic Initiatives in the Office of the President and CEO, where she led organizational planning, donor and board member engagement, government relations, and a variety of special projects. In other roles, she led program development initiatives and facilitated strategic collaborations with governments, corporations, non-profits, and universities. She opened Buckner’s Washington DC office to partner with the United States and international governments to provide best practices for the care of orphans, vulnerable children, and families around the world. 

Margaret Elizabeth holds a J.D. from Texas Tech School of Law and graduated from the University of Richmond. She is a member of the State Bar of Texas. She and her husband have three young daughters. 

Lisa Frazier Senior Director, Tyler Technologies

Lisa has been with Tyler Technologies since 2013 serving as the Product Manager of several products, including Children First Software, Odyssey Guide & File and Document Management.  Since 2016, she has worked closely with Both Ends Believing to lead the design, development and implementation of Children First Software, collaborating with government officials from over 20 countries.  Lisa came to Tyler from Capgemini, where she worked as a Senior Consultant working on product design and development for 6 years, launching global products in Call Center, Business Process Management, Innovation Management, and Business Intelligence. Lisa holds a Master of Science in Computer Science with a focus in Intelligent Systems from the University of Texas in Dallas. 

Training Supervisory Lead, Tyler Technologies 

Will Sanchez Implementation Director, Both Ends Believing

Will has been in Implementation since starting with Tyler Technologies in October of 2006. While with Tyler Technologies, he has helped implement and train software to dozens of clients. Currently, he is the manager of the Courts and Justice Implementation Training Team at Tyler Technologies as well as director of Implementation for Both Ends Believing. With Both Ends Believing, Will works closely with Both Ends Believing's Country Representatives and government partners to implement, train and support the expansion of our Children First Software system. Will has also volunteered in many leadership roles, participated in local community outreach events, and continues to partake in various international humanitarian trips related to child welfare. 

Ricardo 'Rico' Cortes Software Engineer

Rico is the Front-End Developer for Children First Software (CFS), and the culprit for the look and feel of CFS. Before the BEB’s Country Representatives came into play, he would assist in interpreting the needs of our Spanish-speaking partners. Before coming to BEB, Rico mainly worked with print design/media with companies in California. He also ran his own design studio from his living room. Rico came to BEB in February 2017, which was near the foundation of CFS. Rico studied abroad for 4 years in London (2009-2013), earning his BA in Visual Communications.  

Rico was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, California. He grew up in a humble and loving home with his parents and 3 younger brothers. Since 2015, he has lived in the Greater Dallas Metroplex. 

Tina Davis Product Specialist 

Tina joined Both Ends Believing in May 2019 as a Product Analyst, after a year-long internship with BEB and Tyler Technologies, Inc. as a Technical Writer. Tina’s career path and interests have been long and varied, including positions as a television news producer, marketing manager, and owner of her own event organization business. Tina brings her journalistic skills and devotion to writing and communication to ensure users of Children First software can effectively and efficiently help children in need.  

Tina is a graduate of the University of North Texas (B.A. in Professional and Technical Communication and B.A. in English) and the University of Florida (B.S. in Telecommunication). She lives with her husband in Richardson, TX and can be found working on her personal creative projects and puttering in her garden. 

Steven Scally Software Engineer

Steven joined Both Ends Believing as a Software Engineer in 2018. He is responsible for creating software solutions for Children First Software (CFS), mentoring the technical team, and maintaining the life cycle of the application. Before joining Both Ends Believing, Steven worked as a Web Developer in the automotive industry. Steven earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is passionate about software, aviation, and family.

Michael Tran Software Engineer

Michael is one of the developers that works on Children First Software. He joined Both Ends Believing in 2018 right after graduating from University of Texas at Dallas with a bachelor of science in computer science. Michael got acquainted with Both Ends Believing during senior year in one of his classes. During that class Michael and a few classmates created a proof of concept for Children First Software.  

Michael was born and raised in Texas. Michael lives with his family in Frisco, Texas

Shannon Graham Development Coordinator

Shannon joined as the Development Coordinator to the team at the start of 2018. Shannon runs Both Ends Believing's external communications and social media, handles administrative responsibilities, assists with donor relations and enjoys developing creative content to further the life changing mission of Both Ends Believing. Shannon graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Business Management and Communication Studies. For the past 10 years she has been involved in activities such as international missions, nonprofit networking events and donor management certification courses. Shannon likes to spend time outdoors when she can, with her friends and family in the Dallas area.

Cheryl Bochner Director, Global Working Group and Special Events

Cheryl Bochner is the Director of the Global Working Group and Special Events for Both Ends Believing. She manages and executes all Symposia, the Global Child Protector Conference and Technology Summits for Both Ends Believing. Additionally, she has dedicated herself to building relationships with child welfare leaders from over 30 countries around the world to develop the Global Working Group. Prior to these roles, she was the Director of Merchandising for the STUCK tour to develop products that would help raise awareness and ensure the tour would capture the attention of people around the country.  In addition to her role at Both Ends Believing, she has also owned a personal stationery, invitation and gift business for the past 24 years. Prior to opening her own business, she spent eight years working as a senior buyer and in retail management for a large department store chain.

Cheryl graduated from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University with a degree in Marketing and Management. Her diversified background in business has been integral to her success at Both Ends Believing and in her personal career. Cheryl is married and has two sons.

Through her commitment to family, Cheryl remains dedicated to a path of progressive change, social justice, and inclusivity that will nurture the next generation.

Jennifer joined Both Ends Believing as Director of Operations in September of 2013, with only three employees.  Throughout the past five years, she has assisted in organizing three Symposiums, the Global Child Protector Conference and Technology Summits for Both Ends Believing.  As Both Ends Believing continues to grow, Jennifer now holds the current position as Office Manager.  Prior to Both Ends Believing, she successfully managed two medical practices she helped start from the ground up. In addition, she also enjoyed her experience assisting in surgeries and caring for patients.  The past three years, Jennifer has held a leadership role for a philanthropic organization, National Charity League.

Jennifer graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Dental Hygiene and Health Management.  She is married and the proud mother of two girls.  Jennifer has a passion for helping others, especially children, which led her to Both Ends Believing.

Jennifer Cawthon Executive Assistant

Country Representatives

Kenneth Ayebazibwe Uganda 

Kenneth is an Information Technology specialist and the Ugandan Country Representative for Both Ends Believing. Kenneth has been the Head of Information Technology for Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development. Kenneth ensures efficient database design and database implementation, maintains database structures and advises on information management services. 

Most recently, he was an ICT Lecturer at Management Training and Advisory Centre-MTAC where he taught undergraduates on several topics related to technology and leadership. Kenneth enjoys serving as an advisor, change agent, volunteer leader and most importantly as a supporter of vulnerable people. He has a Bachelor of Information Technology, Mbarara University of Science and Technology. 

Fabiola Pineda Honduras 

Fabiola is an attorney with 15 years of experience; she has worked in two Law firms that represent Non-Profit Organizations that help the children in Honduras and has worked in an adoption agency where she was able to legally assist with International adoptions. Fabiola is currently representing Both Ends Believing’s partnership with DINAF. She has also volunteered with many associations in the child welfare space.

Since becoming a mother herself, Fabiola states that she has become more aware of the needs children without a family have, a home and loving parents can definitely make a difference in a child’s life.  

Marios Matos República Dominicana 

Mario has been involved in social transformation work for the last 22 years, coordinating and facilitating formation and training to organizations serving the poor in the Dominican Republic. Mario helps Both Ends Believing’s government partner, CONANI, to improve their capacity to care for children living in institutions.  With the implementation of CFS and management from Mario, they have been equipped to improve the level of collaboration among all the key players to expedite the process of getting children placed with loving families.

Mario has a BA degree in Business Administration and Systems from the Universidad Central del Este – UCE in the DR and a master’s degree in Education and theology from Calving College and Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI.  Currently he is a doctoral student at Bakke Graduate University at Seattle, WA. 


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