What Is the Global Working Group?

Though there have been attempts by a number of organizations to bring together large numbers of countries to confront the global child welfare crisis, the scale of the issue and number of countries involved often resulted in limited productivity. This all changed at our 2014 Symposium at Harvard University in Boston. The symposium led to the creation of our Global Working Group, consisting of child welfare officials from 25 countries around the world.


The Global Working Group is successful because it brings diverse change-makers from around the globe together to achieve a common goal: ensuring every child grows up in a loving family. Both Ends Believing and the Global Working Group prioritize effective communication and results-focused work, which continues to allow us to translate success in one country to success in another. Due to the commitment, connection, and passion of the Global Working Group, we can confront the global child welfare crisis on an unprecedented scale with a high level of sustainability and accountability for all involved.

"Developing well-thought-out, sustainable solutions required engaging all points of view and the creation of consensus."


Craig Juntunen

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2014 Symposium 

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