Designed to transform the child welfare system and permanently change the way we see vulnerable children, CFS is the only technology platform of its kind. Developed in partnership with Tyler Technologies, CFS works to create digital profiles of children living in institutions and orphanages around the world — activating the first of a five-phase process that follows the principles of the Hague Convention. With access to the child’s family history, demographics and health records, social workers can better advocate for the child and begin the journey to place them in loving families. Scalable and configurable to each country’s unique needs, CFS empowers authorities to see and control a process that was previously absent and left children to languish for years in destitution. Through CFS, we can fix the child welfare system once and for all, ending pain and loneliness for millions of institutionalized children.

BEB is proud to partner with Tyler Technologies, a leader in software development for the public sector. Founded in 1966, Tyler Technologies solutions power nearly half the courts and justice systems in the U.S. The company’s domain expertise and commitment to problem solving led to the creation of Children First Software (CFS), BEB’s core solution for enabling transparency of and accountability for institutionalized children across the globe. Today, Tyler Technologies continues to provide technical leadership, time and resources focused on ensuring CFS remains state-of-the-art and its data secure using the same protocols as it does for U.S. governments. With decades of experience implementing systems that have changed the way governments operate, Tyler Technologies is helping BEB change child welfare for the better.


The Children First software program is a remarkable development. The pilot took place in two countries: Guatemala and Honduras. Our technology partner, Tyler Technologies, designed and built a prototype mobile software tool and our two partner countries deployed the system during the first quarter of 2016, involving hundreds of children.

Permanency Planning

Permanency Planning module allows countries to identify and manage a plan to actively achieve the best family-based outcome for the registered children, such as reunification with the family, domestic adoption, and international adoption.


Placement module will enable participating countries to connect a child that needs a home with a "forever family," accelerating the placement of these children into loving families, minimizing the cost, and damaging effects of being outside parental care day after day.


Administration module enables countries to configure the application to their specific needs and control users access.


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