AUGUST 13 - 15, 2018 | LUSAKA, ZAMBIA

Collaborating with the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare of Zambia, Both Ends Believing hosted our first African summit outside of the U.S. with six countries. Joining the BEB team from the U.S. were representatives from the Department of State (Office of Children’s Issues) and  Ambassador Susan Jacobs. About 70 delegates attended the summit to learn and share a dialogue about Children First software and the mission and vision of Both Ends Believing. 

​After productive presentations, software demonstrations, group discussions and one-on-one meetings, every country in attendance (Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Angola and Benin) indicated their intent to move forward with the deployment of Children First software (CFS). 

“The development of Children First Software was a major milestone in addressing [the plight of] vulnerable children living outside of parental care...

...The success of this initiative can see hundreds of thousands of children across the world to find loving, caring and supportive families.” 

 Honourable Minister of Zambia, Emerine Kabanshi

Cultural night

Concluding the diligent work accomplished at the summit, The Both Ends Believing Team and The Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare of Zambia hosted a "Cultural Night" where each country dressed in their traditional cultural attire, and had a chance to demonstrate a song or dance representing their region. The night was full of dancing, laughter, and camaraderie. The Both Ends Believing team enjoyed participating in the festivities and was grateful to learn about their cultural backgrounds from the representatives from each country.


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