Global Symposium


New Ideas Solving Old Problems – How Innovation is Serving Children

In November 2017, we hosted our third Global Child Protector Conference and Symposium in Washington, D.C. The sold-out event was attended by delegates from 30 countries, including 16 of the BEB Global Working Group's member countries. The symposium focused on introducing our Global Working Group countries to the Children First software program.


The symposium also featured presentations from Haiti, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic, three of our partner countries who are currently implementing the software with great success. Additionally, the presentations resulted in several countries' committing to adopt the software in the future.

The final day of the conference focused on creating valuable partnerships and relationships in order to combat the long-term institutionalization of children around the globe. It also featured a multitude of distinguished speakers, including Former U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu and Former U.S. Ambassador Susan Jacobs, as well as a moving speech from Quinn Juntunen, the adopted son of our founder Craig Juntunen. 

The conference culminated in the presentation of the first Global Child Protector Award, an award celebrating those individuals who most strongly exemplify the commitment to improving children's lives globally. This year's award winner was Alberto Padilla from the Dominican Republic. Alberto's work with CONANI in the Dominican Republic, as well as his involvement in the successful implementation of the Children First software in his home country, is an inspiration to child protectors everywhere. 

"We were able to showcase how innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit belongs in the core of child welfare programs, and how this new energy will lead to much better outcomes for vulnerable children," 

- Craig Juntunen, founder

This conference was a success above and beyond what we had expected, and fueled partnerships both domestically and abroad between organizations dedicated to providing family services to all children. This was and is a significant step towards achieving our mission of transforming global child welfare through technology and collaboration.


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