Global Symposium


New Ideas Solving Old Problems – How Innovation is Serving Children

2017 Symposium

The objective of the Both Ends Believing Campaign is to expand child welfare programs to include and prioritize family-based outcomes for vulnerable children. The symposium will bring together global child welfare officials, ministers, child development specialists, experts in children’s rights, and accomplished innovators. Utilizing a similar format from our highly successful symposiums in Cambridge in 2014 and Los Angeles in 2016, we will organize a series of small group discussions to promote a healthy and immediate exchange of every participant’s knowledge to better serve children.

Following the symposium we will host a one-day Global Child Protector Conference, welcoming members of the United States government, leaders of non-governmental organizations, child development experts and our global working group of international child welfare officials to join you. The conference will offer insight and perspective from entrepreneurial visionaries using new strategies and methods to solve old problems.

Our gatherings are a forum for best practices in innovation and collaboration, intending to inspire people to think about child welfare differently.

Participants will have the opportunity to interact and form new relationships with colleagues in other countries. These relationships are vital for future collaborations as we work together to produce change.

We are encouraged by the extraordinary progress we have made since our last symposium. Together we are making our shared vision of family-based solutions for vulnerable children a reality.

This symposium is by invitation only. We hope you can join us at the
Global Child Protector Conference.


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