1st symposium

November 5-8, 2014

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Achieving Child Permanency Through Innovation

2014 Symposium

Both Ends Believing invited leaders from 20 countries – spanning Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America – to spend three days collaborating on the challenges and opportunities facing child welfare officials around the world. This gathering, with over 80 participants, was the first of its kind in reaction to the global crisis of children who are being denied their human right to a family.

To achieve the greatest impact in the shortest period of time, we invited a group of leaders from around the world to come together and share experiences and expertise, all with the common goal of improving the lives of children living outside of parental care. We knew our goal was ambitious, but we also deeply believe that protecting and promoting every child’s right to a family needs to be a global effort.

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The first symposium brought together the members of our Global Working Group for the first time and laid the foundation for the amazing progress we have seen so far.

The Symposium exceeded our expectations as we witnessed the cause of getting children into permanent families transcend national boundaries. We saw delegates questioning their own national policies as they interacted with expert consultants and each other. We also saw countries sharing experiences and offering to help other countries facing similar challenges. The spirit of camaraderie was astounding.

All delegates committed to joining with Both Ends Believing in forming a global working group to continue our open exchange of ideas and to collaborate in pursuit of real change for kids. We committed to reconvene in March of 2016 to assess our progress and refine our goals for the future. Our collaboration provides all of us with a path forward to providing solutions for the world’s most vulnerable children.


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